Cala del Portixol

cala_del_portixolRustic Cove, pebbles and rocks between Cap Prim and Cap Negret.

Facing the Portitxol Island Cove (300 meters) of great botanical and archaeological interest.

Recommended for diving and snorkeling.

Playa de la Granadella


Semi urban protected beach without waterfront awarded the blue flag, mainly made up of rocks and gravel.

Small beach surrounded by pine, very suitable for diving and snorkeling




Cala de Ambolo


Nudist cove, virgin gravel and pebbles, crystal clear waters near Cabo de la Nao.

It owes its name to the watch tower built in the sixteenth century, whose function was surveillance and maritime defense of the pirate attacks, as did the other Javea watch tower located in Portitxol area, both located on private land. In its most southern island. Near the cove you have the viewpoint of Ambolo.